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    Thanks to former MSS member Herve Mouterde for posting the  The above video comes from the YouTube channel for the Soaring Society of America.
     2017 compilation video!

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New Membership Announced! -  A Youth Membership was adopted at the Board's January 2018 meeting as it seeks to add more youth to our ranks.  Memphis Soaring is a great place to introduce youth to aviation, especially if he or she is considering a career in aviation. Our instructors can help determine early on if they are suited for such a career as they work with the student.  Full details are shown under the Membership tab above.

Board Meeting - Our next board meeting is on May 12, 2018 in the Hendrix Clubhouse at 9AM.   Please note the earlier time than last month!

Fly-In! - MSS is having a Fly-In and cookout on May to all.  Drive in, fly-in, walk-in..whatever.  Come enjoy the day, take a demo ride or just hang out on the porch.  More details as the date approaches.

2018 Annual MaxFly - The club's annual MaxFly is June 1-10, 2018.  On these days we operate every day and instructors are available for concentrated instruction to allow members to progress quickly.  


Welcome to the Memphis Soaring web site.  Whether you are new to aviation, looking to add a glider rating or are perhaps returning to flying after a prolonged absence we are glad you are here. 

MSS is a 501(c)(7) corporation, organized under the laws of the State of Tennessee as an organization to promote the art, science and sport of motorless flight.  
Membership is required to utilize any club aircraft or facilities. A one day membership is available for individuals who are interested in the sport. The cost is $50.00 and includes one flight in one of our two place gliders.  See Membership, above, for details on all types of memberships.  See our Training page for information and answers to 
questions surrounding instruction and ratings.